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We tend to love breathing plants in our house a lot. So a recent house move meant more herbs and flower shopping needs. The girls love helping out on this quite a bit. I take this opportunity as a rare chance to be outdoors and to let them be carefree. Nairobi does provide amazing spots for indoor and outdoor plants spotting, some as huge as a nature park, which can be a very unique place to be in the city, to chase butterflies, get messy with some real earthy play doh and a rare chance to splash around.


We ended up at the flower “forest” next to Nakumatt Westgate on Peponi Road, it feels completely wild and the guys there are extremely helpful. The place seems a bit of a “no go zone” while driving by but I must mention it is completely safe. At first, I was very wary of being there, but a few days later, I found myself at one end of the trail and my bags with all my belongings would be at the other end of it.

Recently we have been there on a few occasions to cater for our plants and flowers urge, the girls love it. To smell the flowers, to throw rocks and stones to the river, to spot the bees, the butterflies and more, and to just wonder lightly around.

We always start off very jovial, clean and respectful. Jumping around, happy to be here feeling. By the time we leave the “forest” which is usually 2 or 3 hours later, the girls are cranky, dirty as they can be and all they want is the quickest way home from there.

​I always carry some light snacks and water with me. It is highly advisable that if you go with kids let them wear their rain boots, have a carefree spirit and just be!